Crisis Management Training

Would you like to know more about AI-based critical decision support and practical leadership training based on real-world crisis management experience to test and improve your response?

It is inevitable that every organization will face a crisis

  • How ready is your crisis management team to perform during the next crisis?

  • Is your crisis management team solving the right problem?

  • Is your company capable of scaling to any size crisis you face?

  • Can your crisis response team assemble in less than half an hour?

Preparedness Self-Assessment:

A 90-minute, interactive workshop designed to guide the audience through an evaluation of an organization’s preparedness level across eight dimensions of preparedness.

  • Each participant will receive a detailed report outlining their organization’s strengths, opportunities, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • Each report will include their current state compared to best practices and peer groups.
  • The report will also include a proposed mitigation and resiliency development roadmap.
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Critical Incident Response:

A 60–90-minute, interactive workshop which will help the audience understand the four basic responses to an adverse event and explore the human physiology associated with responding to an unexpected crisis event.

  • A tabletop exercise based on a real event scenario will allow the attendees to think through an escalating situation and experience critical decision-making during a crisis situation.
  • The attendees will practice about what to do, how to do it, and how best to disseminate emergency instructions, information, and plans to all stakeholders as and when needed.
  • This tabletop exercise is supported by our crisis communication platform to disseminate emergency information, instructions, and plans using a mobile-app.
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Crisis Communication:

A 60-minute, presentation focused on crisis communication preparedness before a crisis event and the critical communication elements and technology needed to communicate instantaneously with the right group at the right time.

  • The attendees will review and critique examples of real-life crisis communication missteps that resulted in a secondary crisis impacting the brand and reputation.
  • The presentation will underscore the importance of effective, clear, and emphatic communication.
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Communicable Illness Operations Planning:

A 60-minute, presentation outlining the fundamentals of an organization’s operations plan through the five stages of a communicable illness evolution cycle.

  • The contents include real-life examples of the ripple effect organizations face internally and externally, including the wide range of unintended consequences of decisions, actions, and communication.
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