TipNow™-Pro for a Safer Campus

There are vulnerabilities and threats on your campus right now that people are aware of. Some of those threats are not being reported to the Campus Safety / Campus Police.

Best practices for campus security require a Threat Intelligence Platform

Customer Validation

  • Prevented three Active Shooter Incidents
  • More than a dozen suicides prevented
  • Tens of Thousands of tips received
  • Concealed weapons have been found
  • Drug possessions reported
  • Thefts reported
  • Hazardous conditions reported
  • Depressed students reported
  • Suspicious behaviors reported

TipNow™-Pro Features

Anonymous reporting: The campus community can report tips using Mobile–App, Text message/SMS, Voicemail, Live stream, Video and Web-Form

Live Stream Module: Send Live Stream tips from the Mobile-App to enhance situational awareness

Artificial Intelligence Module: Automated threat level tagging of the tip to High, Medium and Low using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing

Mass Notification Module: Send notifications using SMS and Push Notification

License Plate Recognition Module: Identify suspicious persons car with a watchlist and notify relevant personnel immediately

Web Portal: Includes secure web-based tip administration, anonymous two-way chat and some reports including “Clery Report” and “Connect the Dots” Report

TipNow™-Pro Benefits

  • The ability to crowdsource information through the anonymity of Tipsters provides a higher engagement rate and trust factor to provide unfiltered accurate information
  • Since each campus has an assigned Texting number to report tips, the adoption hurdle is overcome quickly
  • Anonymity increases number of tips
  • Possibly prevents major emergencies and also helps solve crimes
  • The entire campus community becomes eyes and ears for a safer campus
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Clery Ready – Allows administrators to tag tips in the system and generates a Clery report
  • Addresses and meets special needs, even individuals having speech and hearing difficulties can interact with public safety
  • Quickly disseminate information to entire campus using mass sms and push notification

“TipNow lets us empower the entire campus community to take an active role in their own safety. It has expanded communications with students, parents, faculty, and staff, enabling us to receive information we otherwise would miss.”

Koren Kanadanian, Associate Vice President
Chief of Public Safety, Providence College