TipNow™-Pro for Law Enforcement

We had 417 mass shootings in 2019 and in 2021 we already have had 262 mass shootings in the first 5 months. With the increase in violence in our cities law enforcement agencies need to respond and take back their cities. To quickly quell the violence, we need to implement A Threat Intelligence Platform that combines the power of  artificial intelligence with anonymous communication reporting and video analytics is a must in the current environment.

Research proves that 86% of the times one person knows about a potential gun violence and 68% pf the times two people know about it.

Customer Validation

  • Prevented three Active Shooter Incidents
  • More than a dozen suicides prevented
  • Tens of Thousands of tips received
  • Concealed weapons have been found
  • Drug possessions reported
  • Thefts reported
  • Hazardous conditions reported
  • Depressed students reported
  • Suspicious behaviors reported

TipNow™-Pro Law Enforcement Benefits

  • Since each campus has an assigned Texting number to report tips, the mobile app adoption hurdle is overcome quickly
  • Anonymity increases number of tips
  • Possibly prevents major emergencies and also helps solve crimes
  • The entire community becomes eyes and ears for a safer city.
  • Automated See Something Say Something with video analytics
  • Automated threat level tagging of tips as they come in using Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing
  • Access to emergency plans on the App
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Addresses and meets special needs, even individuals having speech and hearing difficulties can interact with public safety