State & Local Law Enforcement

With TipNow, you can partner and engage with your city/county/state to crowdsource suspicious activity to make communities safer.

There are vulnerabilities and threats in your city/county right now that people are aware of. Some of those threats are not being reported to the Police/Sheriff’s department.

Best practices for law enforcement in a community requires an anonymous reporting system as part of an overall behavioral risk and threat assessment system.

Research has proven that many people will only report suspicious activity if they are anonymous. The entire community becomes eyes and ears for a safer city.

Report Tips Using

  • Mobile – App
  • Text message/SMS
  • E-mail
  • Voicemail
  • Web – Form
  • Manual Tip

Customer Validation

  • Prevented two Active Shooter Incidents
  • Thousands of tips received
  • Found concealed weapons
  • Drug issues reported
  • Thefts reported
  • Hazardous conditions reported
  • Depressed individuals reported, then counseled
  • Suspicious behaviors reported

Implement and deploy in hours, not weeks.


No additional burden on IT resources

TipNow Benefits

Benefits of the TipNow solution include:

  • Anonymity increases number of tips
  • Possibly prevent major emergencies
  • The entire community becomes eyes and ears for a safer city
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model eliminates the need for installing costly hardware and software onsite
  • Addresses and meets special needs, even individuals having speech and hearing difficulties can interact with law enforcement
  • Reflects a commitment to safety and reduces the burden on 9-1- 1 call centers
  • Tip Analysis to evaluate threat level
  • Can help solve crimes and prevent recurring crimes

TipNow Features

  • Secure web-based tip administration
  • Automatically disseminates tips to pre-defined administrators on their sms/text and email
  • Two-way anonymous communication
  • Desktop Notifier
  • Can attach pictures and videos to tips
  • Can take a picture or video with the TipNow mobile-app
  • Anonymous two-way chat
  • Tip Analysis to evaluate threat level
  • Dashboard includes multiple reports including “Connect the Dots” report.