Spanish Flu 1918:

Let us go back in time, Spanish flu broke out during World War I. The Spanish flu possibly originated somewhere in northern China in late 1917 and swiftly moved to western Europe. The spread of the flu can be attributed to the 140,000 Chinese laborers the French and British governments recruited to perform manual labor to free up troops for wartime duty.

By the spring of 1919, the influenza pandemic had sickened an estimated one-third of the world’s population and may have killed as many as 50 million people, claiming more lives in a single year than the First World War [1].


Many health experts believe that the new strain of Coronavirus likely originated in bats or pangolins. The first transmission to humans was in Wuhan, China. Since then, the virus has mostly spread through person-to-person contact. So far more than 200,000 globally have been tested positive out of which around 40% have recovered and around 4% have lost their lives across the Globe [2] [3].

Three segments that are in most need during pandemic:

  • Homeless: There are more than 500,000 homeless in America and just in CA it is 108,000 and on the West coast of the United States around 150,000. There are not enough shelters to house all the homeless. We will need to identify where they are and help them. The homeless need to be
    helped with basic needs and also, if they have symptoms they need testing for Covid-19 [4].
  • Poor Students: We need to help poor students who struggle and find it difficult to spend a few dollars on a day’s meal. This could also lead to deterioration of their immune system and possibly lead to a source of spreading the virus.
  • Elderly: Some of the elderly cannot move out due to existing health issues. They Need help for the fundamentals of day-to-day needs and if they have symptoms they need to be tested for Covid-19.
What is TipNow and its current impact?
  • TipNow is an anonymous reporting system using Texting and mobile-app.
  • TipNow has been deployed for more than 10 years in law enforcement agencies, schools and colleges.
  • TipNow has prevented tens of suicides and hundreds of depressed people have been counseled.
  • TipNow has prevented three active shooter situations.

Our customers are already using the TipNow system to report Covid-19 related issues to prevent the spread of the virus.

Some of the tips that have been reported on TipNow are about homeless people who need help or some actions by the community members that might spread the virus.

How can TipNow help with Pandemic response?

TipNow will be valuable at city, county, state and even national level to map out issues with the most vulnerable and respond quickly to prevent the spread of the virus. Using the Pandemic response App the people in the community can report where the homeless people are and they can be helped by the emergency operation centers. Also, it can help identify the students who are not able to get to the place where meals are being offered. Also, to report elderly in the community who need help.

As we take care of the most vulnerable in our communities, we can restrict the spread of the virus and stop the pandemic.


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